June 19, 2020   |   Weddings

Best Practice for Social Distancing: Clean Air & Outdoor Weddings

The great outdoors is the way to go for this year's best destination and Texas weddings.

We all want that special day to be a beautiful event that lives up to all of our expectations. Though current events have complicated destination weddings in addition to Houston, Austin, and Dallas-area gatherings; here is a shorthand list to make your Texas event safe, fun, and memorable!

• Ranches and outdoor venues allow you to skip the crowds and host your guests in beautiful, secluded environments. Dramatic lines of sight, up-lit trees, and glistening sunsets make for radiant photography and video.

• Outdoor seating is a great way to limit crowd concentration. Events in larger, natural settings are apt for limiting density and facilitating social distancing. Expansive site maps create breathtaking environment and stunning scale.

• Hybrid indoor-outdoor events allow for sanitary indoor food service, grandiose seating arrangements, and enough space for everyone to have fun -- Dramatically lit outdoor stages and dance-floors are the best!

• Provide hand sanitization stations throughout wedding campus. These are easy, not expensive, and take up little room. Couple sanitizer with regular touch-points like guestbook signing and food service.

• Outdoor weddings often offer more ample parking.

• Covered outdoor spaces with fans make for ideal dance-floors. Keep the air flowing and the party going!

If you are interested in an outdoor wedding for 2020, Drywater is glad to accommodate with everything you need to create the perfect event including our amazing musical ensembles, additional lighting production, remote PA systems for ceremonies, and additional sound support for cocktail hour. Drywater has several outdoor weddings scheduled for this year, and we can refer you to one of the many gorgeous outdoor venues we work with.

Check out this video of Drywater performing at a beautiful outdoor wedding at Sundance Resort in Utah.

Best Band Ever!

My daughter's wedding was according to her, "The best night of my life!" I can say without reservation that a good deal of the euphoria was due to the performance by Drywater. Everyone I spoke to after the event said something to the effect of, "best band ever", or "best wedding ever" while giving proper accolades to me for choosing Drywater. They can do virtually any kind of music with a very diverse set of performers. At one point my sister in-law stopped dancing (while in the middle of the dance floor) and was just watching the band. She leaned to me and said, "I feel like we are at a concert. They are all so talented and awesome!"

Larry - Austin, TX
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