March 11, 2021   |   Covid-19

Drywater Band Remains Fiercely Independent Amidst Industry Changes

With wide-spread losses to the cash flow of nearly every wedding and event vendor on Earth in 2020 and into 2021, Drywater Productions in Houston, TX maintains strength.

Drywater Vocalists
Drywater Vocaliats

We're Still Here. And We're Still Drywater.

by Bruce Wiggins - Founder of Drywater Productions

The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-2021 has changed almost everything. With consolidation and bankruptcy trending in global business, cancellations and postponements in the wedding industry have also forced promising startups to close up shop and led long-standing industry leaders into mergers with former competitors.

Since forming the group in 2004, I've always had a strong vision of independence for our company. And in order to provide the highest value to our clients, we've avoided booking agencies and industry gimmicks like commissions, kickbacks, buy/sell (a.k.a. undisclosed commissions) and hidden referral fees.

But not surprisingly, the last year has been a challenge. Since Mar. 2020, here at Drywater Headquarters, our management, musicians, and tech. crew have endured 100+ postponements and/or cancellations. Like everyone, we've experienced stress and anxiety. But throughout we've remained committed to faithfully serving our clients and taking care of our band family.

And while businesses disappear, merge, and/or change names throughout the wedding industry, our company is committed to the same brand, model and principles that led us to this point.

We're still Drywater, a family-owned and operated business providing custom-tailored bands with all-star vocalists who perform authentic music at weddings, corporate events, and galas in Texas and Beyond.

Best Band Ever!

My daughter's wedding was according to her, "The best night of my life!" I can say without reservation that a good deal of the euphoria was due to the performance by Drywater. Everyone I spoke to after the event said something to the effect of, "best band ever", or "best wedding ever" while giving proper accolades to me for choosing Drywater. They can do virtually any kind of music with a very diverse set of performers. At one point my sister in-law stopped dancing (while in the middle of the dance floor) and was just watching the band. She leaned to me and said, "I feel like we are at a concert. They are all so talented and awesome!"

Larry - Austin, TX
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